Our First Meeting - In The Land of Goulash, Pepper and Wine

Not so long ago, we're struggling to finish the application form and now, hardly to believe, the first project meeting is over.

What do we know about the first host-country?

   Well, it enjoys a moderate continental climate, the capital is Budapest, some of the larger cities include Miskolc, Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged, the Danube, Tisa and Rába rivers run through it and finally, it also has two large lakes, Lake Balaton and the Fertö Lake. Do you know the answer? Well, done! It's Hungary!

   During our stay in Debrecen, Hungary, we learnt a lot about the city and the country, but most of all we worked on our project tasks. 
We enjoyed the presenations, sightseeing and most of all, our international cooperation. We had never-ending discussions, we presented the official website and agreed on the exact dates of the future meetings. We followed the schedule from A to Z, but this kind of work was just pleasure! Dear Hungarian Team, thank you for hosting our first mobility, for your effort, hospitality and the time spent both preparing for our arrival and during our stay. I'd like to appreciate both students and teachers' involvement - well done !

   Thank you teams from Hungary, Finland, Cyprus, Germany, Poland. This very first mobility makes us sure that we will manage to "discover our international potential". Now, it is pleasure to inform that the next mobility takes place in Poland, Lubliniec in February 17th - 21st, 2014. Hence, I would love to invite our teachers and students to participate in this great event. We are happy to be your hosts!

Once again, thank you Hungary - let's visit you again in 2015!

We're looking forward to the next mobility, for now, let's concentrate on our tasks!